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Welcome to U.S. Government Quiz. This is a 100% free resource for students who are preparing for upcoming tests in their U.S. Government & Politics courses. The test prep material covered is ideal for students who are taking any middle school, high school, or college level introductory government course. Our quizzes are also great for your AP Government review.

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Each quiz on this site is designed as a quick test review, with between 10 and 30 government test questions. There is no time limit, and the correct answer is provided after each question. At the end of each practice test you are given your score, and you have a chance to review each of the questions and answers again.

Our Constitutional Amendments quiz is perfect for memorizing each of the 27 amendments to the U.S. Constitution. You may get questions directly about an amendment or an indirect question that refers to an amendment. It is also important to know each of the landmark Supreme Court cases, and our quiz will prep you on 28 key decisions.

Vocabulary terms are another essential element of just about every government and politics course. Our vocabulary quizzes cover constitutional terms, presidential terms, and congressional terms. All of these U.S. Government quizzes are designed to focus on the key words that will undoubtedly show up on your American Government and Politics exams or your AP U.S. Government quizzes.

Be sure to take each quiz until you get all the answers correct. Please bookmark our site and please share it with your friends and classmates. Good luck with your course, and thanks for visiting U.S. Government Quiz!